About Our Project

Entrepreneurship and innovation help individuals become independent and channel their creativity into creating something of their own in this competitive world. Studying entrepreneurship and innovation enhances one’s analytical and logical skills that enable one to solve any problem. Indeed, entrepreneurship is not just another subject; it is a mindset that helps individuals develop nimble thinking so they can identify problems and find solutions that create value. These analytical and interpersonal skills transcend the workplace, which is why entrepreneurship is so important for students. These important advantages of entrepreneurship and innovation have united 6 schools from 5 countries (Serbia, Turkey, Portugal, Romania, and North Macedonia) within the framework of a common goal. Our project was successfully completed with the selfless work of the partners under the coordination of Serbia. The project was addressed to students 14 to 18 years old. Within the scope of the project, 6 LTT activities were carried out.

C1: Serbia-Let’s Create Open Source Learning Platform Moodles Our Students
C2: Turkey/İstanbul– Market – Research And Business Plan
C3: Macedonia– Business Entities And Establishing The Company
C4: Romania -The Title/The Logo/The Slogan And The Power Of Commercial
C5: Portugal– Budget/Finances; Opening Business Bank Account –Taxes; Social Health Insurance Levies
C6: Turkey/Ankara– Financial Planning And Fraud Protection


Our project was to nurture students in creative and innovative thinking by providing practical knowledge, skills and competences in business and market basics, offering business plan orientation, and promoting problem-solution thinking and leadership skills. Today’s students face an uncertain future full of complex global, social, and environmental issues. Our Project named “Let’s Make Ideas Happen” focused on developing real-world skills that help students to lead exceptional lives in a rapidly changing world. With our project,160 students and 53 teachers have been involved directly in learning activities which have been hosted by participating schools. Moreover, around 400 students and 50 teachers have been benefited indirectly through dissemination activities, online learning activities which have been organized between learning activities.

Our project has focused on developing real-world skills that will help students to lead exceptional lives in a rapidly changing world. Thanks to our project, students learned to understand the product development cycle, come up with their own unique business proposals, and deliver multiple pitch presentations.

Thanks to the activities carried out within the scope of our project,

  • Participating students learned how to collaborate and work with a team
  • Participating students learned how to speak in public and prepare an effective presentation
  • Participating students learned how to collect and analyze data
  • Participating students learned how to use social media as an advocacy tool
  • Participating students learned how to solve real, complex problems
  • Participating students learned how to use curiosity and creativity to find an innovative approach to difficult problems

**With each passing day, as the jobs are getting limited owing to numerous reasons such as technological advancements and population growth, entrepreneurship option can be seen as a significant career option among the current generation. While learning about entrepreneurship skills, participating students have learned to incorporate new skills and started thinking like a leader. Our project enabled the emergence and development of leadership qualities of our students.The accompanying teachers also guided the students and helped them to develop entrepreneurial abilities and skills. The teachers helped the students to use the digital tools during the project. Teachers have taken an active role during our project in encouraging young people to think outside the box, that is, to entrepreneurship.

**Our students gained the awareness of recognizing different cultures, accepting them with tolerance and living together with differences in a peaceful manner, and gained adaptation and flexibility skills accordingly. Students’ awareness on European Citizenship, European Values, multicultural living and working environments and lifelong learning has also increased. Students understood the importance of creating team spirit with their colleagues in their workplaces and gained solidarity awareness. Our students have strengthened their competence in communication-cooperation-creativity-innovation-entrepreneurship. Having been in touch with English for 1week allowed our students to understand the importance of a knowing foreign language. The positive effects of the project will continue to have an impact on the participating students in the long term, even if our project is completed.